All About the Detroit Events Center

The first application, submitted in October, was reviwed by the City Planning Commission. Olympia Development of Michigan submitted a revised application in March which was approved by the City Council on April 21, 2015. The fate of the Park Avenue Hotel, a historic district, is likely to be determined by the Historic District Commission on June 10.

October Submission

9/17/2014 staff report to City Planning Commission
10/20/2014 Detroit Events Center site plan and architectural drawings
10/22/2014 Staff recommendation to City Planning Commission
10/27/2014 City Planning Commission recommendation to City Council
11/4/2014 City Planning Commission supplimental recommendation to City Council  
11/10/2014 Adverse impact staff memo to Historic District Commission

March Submission

4/6/2015 Project Narrative in Support of Planned Development (PD) Rezoning (approved by City Council April 21, 2015)
4/1/2015 Supplemental staff report to City Council
4/6/2015 Detroit Events Center site plan and architectural drawings (approved by City Council April 21, 2015)
4/20/2015 Olympia Development of Michigan commitment letter regarding Eddystone Hotel
4/20/2015 rezoning ordinance (approved by City Council on April 21, 2015)
4/21/2015 A Resolution Regarding the Redevelopment of the Historic Eddystone Hotel (adopted April 21, 2015)

June 10 Historic District Commission meeting materials

4/28/2015 Request for Notice to Proceed (seems to require Adobe Reader)
6/10/2015 Historic District Commission special meeting agenda
6/10/2015 Historic District Commission staff report
Eddystone Hotel Request for Concept Approval

Useful Links

Michigan Local Historic Districts Act
Economic Hardship, Feasability and Related Standards in Historic Preservation (MSHDA)