Boys Find Mastodon Bone in Shelby Township

Kids Discover a Discovery [Free Press]

Yeah, a discovery! Photo: Detroit Free Press

Two Shelby Township eleven-year-olds have discovered the axis bone of an American Mastodon. The species—once a major food source for humans—has been extinct for about 6,000 years.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Andrew Gainariu and Eric Stamatin “were doing what 11-year-old boys do — fishing, catching crayfish and gathering sticks and rocks to build a dam.”

The Free Press did not note the inherent irony — that the two boys discovered an extinct species while they were engaged in activities that, themselves, are presently on the brink of extinction.

“Yeah, we found an actual discovery,” Mr. Gainariu told the Free Press. “This doesn’t happen to kids.”

Kids might discover more discoveries if they spent more time digging around in creeks.